Autumn Mist | Advanced Intermediate Piano Solo | Autumn / Fall

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LEVEL Intermediate
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Autumn Mist by Catherine Wilson is a level 4 piano solo that is haunting, mesmerizing, and mysterious.  The 5/4 time signature and ostinato pattern in the left hand helps to create an air of uncertainty, while the right hand flurries of notes mimic the wind blowing leaves from the trees. The middle section changes to 6/8 and the right hand melody becomes more lyrical before the end section mirrors the first section until the mist clears at the end with a beautiful Tierce de Picardie.


Features for focus include:

- accuracy and stamina

- rhythm and tempo

- dynamics and articulation

- coordination and spatial awareness

- balance and voicing

- phrasing and expressive playing

- pedalling

- chord placement

- following or selecting appropriate finger numbers


Autumn Mist can be used for: 

- Recitals / Concerts 

- Broadening repertoire 

- Playing for fun! 


Approximate duration (including any repeats): 2 minutes 30

Number of pages: 4


Approximate Guidance for American / UK and Australian levels:

Level 1 = Easy or Beginner / Grade 0 - 1

Level 2 = Early Intermediate / Grade 2 - 3 

Level 3 = Intermediate / Grade 4 - 5 

Level 4 = Advanced Intermediate / Grade 6 - 7 

Level 5 = Advanced / Grade 8+ 


Catherine lives in a small rural village in Shropshire, England and has over 25 years experience teaching piano.  Since completing her Master’s Degree specialising in composition, Catherine has chosen to compose in a lyrical minimalist style in order for her pieces to be both educational and relaxing.


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