Jazzed About Spring

Jazzed About Spring

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Are you jazzed about Spring?  I am & so were my students!  Explore the men & women of jazz through digital escape rooms.  In addition, each song is about Spring making it a great option for this season.

What this looks like

These music labs include:

  • Everything you need for music lab assignments:
    • PDF with links for you to create your own copies
    • Each escape room is focused on a specific jazz composer & highlights a Spring-themed song
    • PDF Student tracking sheet
  • Female Jazz Musicians: 4 escape rooms
  • Male Jazz Musicians: 4 escape rooms
  • Student tracking sheet
  • Digital escape rooms that practically mark themselves

Jazzed About Spring

In "Jazzed About Spring", your students will enjoy learning about:

  • Some of the biggest names in Jazz music: Brubeck, Davis, Dearie, Jobim, Lee, Lincoln, Reinhardt & Vaughan
  • Musical terms & concepts: tempo, meter, syncopation, instruments, instrument roles, voicing, etc.
  • And more!

As always, students have a choice in the assignments they do each lesson with the student tracking sheet!  Plus, assignments ask students to look beyond the facts & create their own opinions.

"Jazzed About Spring" is a blend of history, music appreciation, & theory.  While many of the musicians are from North America, there are also musicians included from South America & Europe.


Lastly, to find out what digital escape rooms look like & how students interact with them, click here.

NOTE: You will need a Google account to download & use "Jazzed About Spring".  When you purchase this product, you will receive a ZIP file that has the FAQ & links, plus the student tracking sheet included.

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