Shades of Sound: Autumn - A Listening & Coloring Book for Pianists

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Music appreciation is an important part of any young musician’s training. Learning to play the piano without knowing the great composers and listening to their music is like trying to become a writer without reading any good books. Understanding and appreciating great music is essential!


The Shades of Sound Listening & Coloring Books are a super engaging and easy-to-implement music history curriculum that students of all ages will enjoy. Each book includes a scannable QR code which pulls up an accompanying YouTube playlist with all of the music needed for the book. Students read a brief biographical sketch of the composer and some background information about the piece, then they listen to the piece while coloring the beautiful coloring page that goes with that piece.


The reason why this curriculum works so well and is so engaging is because it utilizes four different types of learning – reading/writing, aural, visual and tactile – and it is something that all ages can enjoy!


This volume of the series celebrates the season of Autumn with its multifaceted character. Featuring the works of seventeen composers from the Baroque period to the present day, including five female composers and two living composers, this book gives an exciting glimpse into many styles of music and many eras of music history.


Digital download, 76 pages.

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