Seller Fees and Payout Rates

In order to provide the services of the marketplace, there is a commission payable on all product sales. Here's how the rates work.

There are two main types of seller accounts with different commission structures.

Most sellers will be joining as a free "Standard Seller", but you may also upgrade and become a "Premium Seller" which will give you a smaller commission and larger payout rate.

All seller accounts have unlimited product uploads and regardless of the account type, sellers are always in full control over their products, pricing, etc.

Commission Rates

Here is a quick overview:

Example Breakdown

For example, let's say you're selling a product for $20 in the store. Here's how the payout rate will work for the two different seller accounts.

Standard Seller

Product sells for $20. Seller keeps $13 - 30c transaction fee = $12.70. TopMusic receives a 35% commission of $7.

All seller payouts are paid via PayPal on a rolling 14-day schedule. So if you sell something on 1 June, you'll receive your payout on 15th June. This allows us time for refunds or returns.

Premium Seller

Product sells for $20. Seller keeps $15.60 - 30c transaction fee = $15.30. TopMusic receives a 22% commission of $4.40.

How to become a Premium Seller

A Premium Seller account is just $US59 per year. To activate, click here and we'll adjust your commission when payment is received.

**Remember that all TopMusicPro Evolution Members can access a Premium Account for free as part of their membership.

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