Piano Expeditions: To France with Saint-Saëns and His Carnival - Level One

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LEVEL Preschool
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

Each day students will discover world geography with their fun inflatable globes, listen to an animal movement from the fabulous Carnival of the Animals suite by Camille Saint-Saëns, sing a 3-part song set to Psalm 105:4, introduce piano key groupings and names, learn the note names of the treble staff with an engaging and interactive story, build a beginning knowledge of music vocabulary and technique, and improvise music together at the piano. Oh, and eat theme-related snacks, of course!

Piano Expeditions are designed for students ages 4-7 who are beginning to explore the world of music. Level One is the introductory level for students who are participating in their first Piano Expedition. Five days of lessons can be scheduled consecutively in one week or spread out over a period of five weeks, and each lesson is designed to be 1.5 hours of class time.

The downloadable package includes: A 42-page Teacher Curriculum, a 44-page Student Workbook, a set of supplementary student printables, a sample flyer, a blank flyer to promote your own class/piano camp, a student registration form, sheet music and mp3 files for the piano camp songs, and assorted pictures to view the adventure in action!


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