'My Goal' Countdown Incentive Charts

'My Goal' Countdown Incentive Charts

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Ever wish your students would notice their concert, competition or exam getting closer, and feel a more urgent need to practice and prepare?!

Well these basic Countdown Charts aim to help them feel time passing, get more focussed, and use the last 5 to 10 weeks more wisely!

A simple chart that allows them to cross off one square each day - The musical goal itself becomes the incentive to prepare and achieve!  Consider clipping or taping it to the front of their music book or folder, so its easy to find and hard to overlook.

Flexible Use:  Choose which time frame to use - Several options are included.  You can also write on any 'mini-goals' they need to complete along the way to be ready in time. 

Recommended for studio music teaching - For more effective practice strategies & motivation, you can pair it with our book of insider practice tips My Bag of Practice Tricksor our Practice Kit Bundle

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