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Looking for an innovative way to review line and space notes with your students? This set of 4 dice contains the following:

 1 (25mm) line note die 

 1 (25 mm) space note die

 1 (19mm) accidental die

 1 (19mm) clefs and 8va die

The line and space note dice do not contain clefs. This enables students to practice reading these notes in any clef. Simply roll the clef die to determine which clef the students will practice note reading the line/space note dice in. For added fun, students can roll the accidental dice and practice reading those notes.  

In addition, have students play the given note in the correct location on the keyboard. 

Clef dice contain: treble clef, bass clef, alto clef and 8va. 

Lines and space dice are blue in color. Clef dice are red in color. Accidental dice may be red, blue or green in color.

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