7 Multi-Level Spring Music Games (2022 Version) | Music Theory for Various Levels

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Are you looking for Spring Themed games to test your students’ music theory knowledge? 
Are you wanting to be able to use the same game with students of various levels and abilities? 
Check out this pack of 7 Spring Music Games! 

1) Picking Flowers
The aim of this game is to be the player who collects the most flowers by landing on flower spaces and identifying the number of beats in the centre of the flower.
Choose any set of cards from the Question Card Pack depending on the level of your student/s.

2) Ladybirds and Butterflies
Players aim to be the first to get three of their insects in a row, by either reading notes (piano notes, treble clef, bass clef, or a mixture of all three!), identifying chords, or identifying intervals.

3) Steps and Skips in Spring
Follow the instructions on the Move Cards, that tell you to move up or down by a step or skip, to move up and down the stave. The player who reaches the blossom tree first is the winner!

4) Bird Box Bingo
Choose any set of note reading cards or chord cards from the pack for this adorable game of bingo, where players race to be the first to move all of their birds into their bird boxes.

5) Rain and Flowers Game
Any set (or sets) of question cards can be used for this game which sees players racing around the board, moving up the flowers and falling down with the rain (think Snakes and Ladders but with flowers and rain!)

6) How’s It Growing?
The aim of this game is to be the first player to grow all of your flowers. A dice can be used for this game (or any set of question cards from the pack) as players will be identifying treble clef notes on the spaces they land on on the board.

7) I Beg Your Garden
This adorable garden game will see players answering musical questions (any set of cards will work) and racing around the board, trying to be the first player to reach the gnome's house.

8) 150+ Music Question Cards
This pack of question cards features a variety of musical topics, meaning they can be used with students of a variety of levels and abilities. This enables you to use the same game with different students - all you have to do is swap out the cards!
The musical topics are:
Finger numbers, Piano Notes, Note and Rest Values, Music Maths, Treble Clef Note Recognition, Bass Clef Note Recognition, Interval Identification, Tones and Semitones, Major Chords, Key Signatures, Symbols
The question cards can also be used as flashcards or for simple memory games.

Each game is designed to include the six components of effective education games: 
- Educational Aspect
- Objective or goals

- Rules or instructions

- Conflict or competition

- Outcome

- Fun

These components mean that students and teachers LOVE these games, as the students feel like they're playing actual board games and taking part in immersive and engaging activities, while the teachers are able to test and reinforce musical knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way.

(Graphic credit to the geniuses at canva.com)

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