‘A Celtic Blessing’ – BUNDLE - Sheet Music & Improvisation

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~ A lyrical setting of a traditional Irish Blessing ~

Lyrics and sheet music included, and arranged for two hands on piano, with an improvisation activity included!

Available in two versions: One for intermediate students and one for early advanced students.  

  • This piece has a lyrical melodic line, and is set in the Aeolian mode, for a beautiful Celtic atmosphere
  • The overall form is ternary form, with an introduction and coda
  • The improvisation sections are made very accessible, with an outline and structure included, making it ‘fail-safe’ while still encouraging and inspiring creativity – The harmonic framework and improvisation suggestions make it easy for students to succeed at and enjoy improvising
  • Extend the improvisation component into a composition project and have students notate it on the staff provided, expanding their aural and theory skills
  • Fingerings for right and left hands are included in both versions
  • Can be used as a ‘multi-level piece’ for a more advanced piano group classes
  • Beautiful cover art, to inspire students
  • GREAT for St Patrick's Day, but fun to play any time!

What is the difference between the two versions?  The intermediate version uses a simple but satisfying left hand accompaniment pattern throughout, allowing students to concentrate on improvising freely with their right hand, while the early advanced version fills out the left hand accompaniment with added notes, providing more challenge and more harmonic ‘colour’.  The two versions can work well together.  You can also use the intermediate version first to let the student settle in with improvising, and then move them on to the harder version to extend their left hand capabilities.

This piece is in ternary form (both versions).  Part A contains a piano solo set to a traditional Irish Blessing, and the middle section focuses on improvising a melody over a given bass line, with part A then returning on the last page.  There is also an introduction and coda, allowing a little more improvisation.

This set comes with a Studio Licence which is fantastic value as you can it for as many students as you personally and directly teach, for your whole teaching career!

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