A game to get ready for performances and concerts - Recital Ready

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

To be truly confident and prepared for a recital we need our students to practice specific performance skills. This adaptable game helps you do just that.
Boardgame version:
  • Set up the board beside near where you practice at home.
  • Do the first task and then place a marker/counter in the first space.
  • Move the counter forward each time you do the next task and try to reach the end before your recital.
Card version:
  • Put all the cards in a hat/box/bag near where you practice at home.
  • Draw a card at random and perform that task each day.
Bingo version:
  • Put the bingo sheet up near where you practice at home.
  • Complete the tasks in any order and cross them off when they're done.
  • Try to finish the sheet before your recital.
  • Print out the game board (page 3).
  • If you will be using the bingo or boardgame version, leave the sheet as it is. If you wish the use the card version, cut along the lines.
  • Laminate if desired.
LEARNING OBJECTIVE We want our students to feel confident and prepared for recitals so that they have a great experience. This game is a fun version of a performance preparation checklist to make sure they are "recital ready" on the big day.
  • Theory Concepts Covered: Performance skills
  • Student Level: Any level
  • Activity type: Board game
  • Number of players: 1 player
  • Seasonal: Not season specific
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