7 Airs & Fantasias

7 Airs & Fantasias

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A collection of 7 Airs & Fantasias for solo piano. The airs are essentially melody-dominated, and the fantasias are pieces in free form with a minimalistic use of repeated and rotating patterns. [79 pages]

  • Air 1 Gentle Interweaving
  • Fantasia 1 Clockwork 5/4
  • Air 2 After Satie
  • Fantasia 2 On the WestminsterChimes
  • Air 3 On an anagram
  • Fantasia 3 Parallel Octaves
  • Air 4 Sarabande
  • Fantasia 4 Wind Chimes
  • Air 5 Calmly Contented
  • Fantasia 5 Bells in 9/8
  • Air 6 Modal Twist
  • Fantasia 6 Half-Second-Hand
  • Air 7 Cantabile Mist
  • Fantasia 7 All in a chord

A separate CD album is available: "intensely pleasant music: 7 Airs & Fantasias and other piano music by John Pitts" performed by Steven Kings. https://www.hyperion-records.co.uk/dc.asp?dc=D_1EMIPM08&vw=dc

5 stars Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion Magazine
"deftly impressive" 4 stars Andy Gill, The Independent
“…highly listenable stuff, very deftly in control of its chosen medium. A number of disparate influences are on display here, but welded into an overall idiom of considerable charm… `Intensely pleasant music'? Most certainly.” Calum MacDonald, International Record Review Magazine
9/10 “this album is beautiful, moving and relaxing” Andy Whitehead, Cross Rhythms
“A colossal musical project… stunning and seriously impressive" John France, MusicWeb International
"Exciting stuff all round - vital, energising, but sensitive when need be. Toes - prepare to tap." Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International
“great character and emotional integrity...a thoroughly worthwhile project” Mark Tanner, Piano Professional Magazine
"Realmente un magnífico repertorio desbordante de calidad, belleza y de sumo interés." 4 stars Alejandro Clavijo, Reviews New Age
"The performances by Steven Kings are excellent ... All [the pieces] are pleasing to hear and will be satisfying to play" Patric Standford, Music & Vision Daily
“This is a colorful and interesting set by a talented composer.... The playing by Steven Kings is technically and emotionally perfect." Oleg Ledeniov, MusicWeb International
4 stars Stephen Eddins, All Music Guide
“recomendable" Adolfo del Brezo, OpusMusica.com (Spain)
“…surely more than just `intensely pleasant music'.” Michael Darvell, ClassicalSource.com
4 stars Paul Riley, Venue Magazine

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