All At Sea – Classical – Piano Solo

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All At Sea is a classical piano ballad in the key of D minor for beginner level pianists at the grade 1 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM) standard.

To hear a sample of the performance recording, please click here

The phrase "All at sea" harks from back in the times when sailing ships didn't have navigation aids. So if they were at sea and land was not visible, then they could quite easily get lost and find themselves in dangerous waters...

This ballad piano sheet music All at Sea expresses the uncertainty and worry that sailors might have had when they lost sight of land. Of course, these days we have satellite navigation, radar and other neat gadgets, which make navigating the seas much easier.

However, sometimes life can still be uncertain, so here is a piano piece which could also express those days when we feel like we've 'lost sight of the land'.

All at Sea will suit pianists of about grade 1-2 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM) standard and should be played with feeling and reflection, taking special care of the dynamics as they rise and fall with the melody.

This piano sheet music has a performance recording in MP3 format - please contact Olly if you would like a copy sent to you.

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