All That Glitters – Pop Ballad – Piano Solo

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LEVEL Intermediate
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All That Glitters... is a gentle and reflective piano piece in a modern pop style, ideal for intermediate pianists of about Grade 3 standard.

To hear a sample of the performance recording, please click here

This piece is written in the key of Bb major and is andante in tempo (walking pace). The main theme involves a distinctive quaver eighth note pattern tied into the third beat of the bar. This rhythm is accentuated by the left hand accompaniment and by the play-along backing track.

Much of the piece is piano or pianissimo so make the most of the dynamic changes within the phrases. In particular, there is a 'surprise' pianissimo after a crescendo in bars 11 and 12.

This piece is really fun to play with the play-along backing track, which is also excellent practice for keeping a steady tempo. Please contact Olly if you would like to try it out.

Finally, remember to keep the accompanying chords as light as possible so that the melody can sing out.

Enjoy the fun little 'sparkly' moments in the middle section!


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