Amy Beach: Female Composer Club Resource Pack

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Help change the music history narrative!
This beautiful and engaging 16-page studio-licensed resource is full of fun and simple ways to introduce your students to composer Amy Beach. It is well-researched and presented in an attractive and easy-to-read format. It includes a variety of resources for students of different ages and levels, so you can pick and choose which activities will best help your students learn about and get excited about the music of Amy Beach. This resource was designed to bring the extraordinary life and music of Amy Beach right into your studio or homeschool environment. This studio-licensed digital PDF is packed with a wealth of engaging content, carefully curated to make teaching about this pioneering composer both informative and fun.
Inside this comprehensive resource, you'll find several engaging activities and handouts that can be used for a variety of ages. Inside you will find:
1. Coloring Pages: Included are three coloring pages inspired by Amy Beach's life and music. Your students will love learning fun facts about her life while coloring the adorable Life Story Coloring Page. Students can also color a picture of Amy Beach and a quote page. These pages not only promote creativity but also serve as a visual aid to reinforce learning about Beach’s life. They can be colored while listening to her music, which adds an extra layer of engagement to the listening.
2. Composer Bio Page: Dive into the fascinating world of Amy Beach with an in-depth biography page. This well-researched resource provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of her life, accomplishments, and contributions to the music world, serving as a foundation for further exploration.
3. Worksheet: The accompanying worksheet can be used alongside the bio page and includes questions about Beach’s life and musical style. There is a space to record reactions to the listening example included on the bio page.
4. Recommended Listening Playlist: Discover the musical brilliance of Amy Beach with a curated playlist featuring several of her works. From her symphony to chamber music to solo piano compositions, this playlist provides a gateway to explore her musical language and get to know her works.
5. Recommended Piano Pieces to Teach: A curated list of piano pieces by Amy Beach that are ideal for teaching purposes. Pieces are carefully chosen to accommodate various skill levels and are listed in general order of difficulty. This allows educators to introduce students to Beach's music in an accessible and educational manner.
6. Other Resources: Also included are a set of collectible composer cards, larger cards for display in the studio, a list of recommended resources for further Amy Beach study, and a detailed page called “Where to Find Piano Music of Female Composers.”
This resource was created to be easy to implement, making it suitable for music teachers and homeschool parents alike.

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