Beginner Guitar Practice Secrets

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In this special eBook you will learn how to make rapid progress on guitar through use of the 80/20 Principal (Pareto's Principle).

By focusing the majority of our attention on the core 20% of skills we use 80% of the time (and ignoring many of the unnecessary skills and concepts we don't need to start playing songs right away) we can quickly accelerate through the beginner phase and start playing songs right away.

Why does it work so well?

Because we don't just tell you what to practice, we show you how to practice with easy step by step instructions on how to learn the concepts, build the skills and install the techniques needed to play guitar with confidence.

This is a great resource for beginner guitar students who want to stop being frustrated with their playing and for teachers who wish to help their students learn guitar without the frustration and overwhelm that traditional methods bring.

This eBook accompanies a special 'Beginner Guitar Secrets' workshop run in person at Melbourne Guitar Academy and live as a zoom webinar. Every purchase of this book includes a place in one of these workshops (valued at $80 for a 2 hour workshop)


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