Chipmunk Pups

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This piece is part of the Spring Baby Animals Collection. The collection is created to help with online teaching.

Chipmunk Pups and all of the pieces in the Spring Baby Animals Collection feature the five-finger hand position making it easy for students to learn.

Each download includes 3 versions of the piece. One standard version with just beginning fingering and the notes, one with Alpha-notes (note names inside the note heads) and one with fingering numbers for every note. Teachers can download the complete set and email it to parents, simply let parents know which version of the piece you would like your student to have. Some of my students begin by learning the Alpha-note or fingering version and then moving to the standard note version.

Each download also contains a beautiful picture and description of the baby animal for whom the piece is written.

I created these to help my youngest students who are struggling with working online. Going forward I will use them with beginners, special students, and as motivational pieces for students.

I hope you and your students will enjoy these pieces.


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