Christmas Favorites Book 1 (White Keys) (PDF Studio License)

Christmas Favorites Book 1 (White Keys) (PDF Studio License)

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A Fun & Quick Way for Beginners or Intermediate Students to learn the most popular songs of Christmas Within a matter of weeks, your students can learn more than a dozen Christmas-themed pieces with the help of The Cascade Method: Pop Song Method. This method embraces the notes as they are physically written out; as in A, B, C- taking away the difficulty of reading music and focusing on the melody. In doing so, your students will naturally pick up the right rhythm and learn piece after piece with ease. They’ll walk out of each lesson with a jingle to their step, excited for the next week of holiday fun. Watch your student’s confidence and their excitement for playing the piano soar. There’s no better way to welcome the holidays than sending your students off with over a dozen Christmas sing-alongs to show off to their friends and family! —— Book 2 Teaser: Believe it or not- your students are going to get through Christmas Favorites Book 1 faster than you can say “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Grab The Christmas Favorites Book Part 2 for another dozen Christmas songs! You can never have enough Christmas music!

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