Clara Schumann: Female Composer Club Resource Pack

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Help change the music history narrative!

This beautiful and engaging 15-page studio-licensed resource is full of fun and simple ways to introduce your students to composer Clara Schumann. It is well-researched and presented in an attractive and easy-to-read format. It includes a variety of resources for students of different ages and levels, so you can pick and choose which activities will best help your students learn about and get excited about the music of Clara Schumann.

15 pages, digital download.

Includes the following:

Biographical Outline: This attractive and easy-to-read page tells interesting and important things about the composer in bullet point format. Great for printing and putting in student binders. Includes a section on a highlighted piece written by the composer with a brief listening guide.

Composer Worksheet: Students answer questions about the composer they have learned through the other resources. Includes a place to write down thoughts and reactions while listening to the highlighted piece from the Biographical Outline.

Life Story Coloring Page: This adorable hand-drawn coloring page is full of fun facts about the composer’s life. Students can really get to know the composer by reading and coloring this page while listening to music written by the composer.

Composer Coloring Page: This coloring page features a picture of the composer, their name and dates, and an inspiring quote by the composer (if available!).

Quote Page: An inspiring quote (if available!) by the composer to color or display. Includes two copies – one with black letters and one with hollow letters for coloring.

Composer of the Month Cards: Students can collect these cards in a trading card sleeve placed in their binder. Includes 3 cards: one with name, country, dates and picture; one with interesting facts; one with recommended listening. Also includes a larger size of each of the 3 cards as well as a square page with the composer’s name and picture to display in the studio during the month.

Recommended Listening List & Playlist Access: A list of recommended pieces by the composer to listen to, and access to the playlist on YouTube or Apple Music via QR code.

Recommended Piano Pieces: A list of recommended piano works by the composer that your students may enjoy learning.

Where to Find Music by Female Composers: A great resource with suggestions of where to get sheet music written by women. Will be updated as new resources become available.

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