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Everyone loves Emoji's!
Get students practicing, playing fun melodies and/or improvising with Emoji moods! Inside this resource you will find 7 different studio/classroom licensed game ideas varying from individual, small groups all the way to big groups. The game resources inside also lend itself perfectly for you or your students to come up with even more game ideas!
Included in this file are:
  • Music Game Directions
  • Mood Character Cards (5 printing options)
  • Game Board
  • Spinner
  • Dice (both number and rhythm)
Be sure to click preview for a closer look.
Spinner ideas:
  • Homemade option 1: You will want to get what is called a brad. (you can find them at office supply store's, etc...) then I just take a paperclip and wrap it around it. With the long part of the paper clip sticking straight out. Make sure you print the spinner on card stock.
  • Homemade option 2: Take a long paper clip and hold a pen or pencil on the end of the paper clip and spin.
  • Amazon option 1: Amazon also sells separate spinners you can add to the board and purchase here.
  • Amazon option 2: Or my latest favorite option! Place a transparent spinner on top! Click here to order it on Amazon.
  • Amazon option 3: Amazon also sells separate spinners you can add to the board and purchase here.
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