G Major Improvisation Rhythm Challenge Book 1 (PDF with Studio License)

G Major Improvisation Rhythm Challenge Book 1 (PDF with Studio License)

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Many piano learners of all ages feel intimidated by the idea of creating their own music. But it's so much fun, and is actually a great way to improve other piano skills as well! 

Each book in my Improvisation Rhythm Challenge series contains 7 improvisation challenges and infinite creative possibilities!

The challenges are written in lead sheet format, with a pitchless rhythm outlined for the melody, and a chord progression outlined for the harmony. 

All the student has to do is add pitches from a designated scale to complete the melody, and choose their own left-hand pattern to flesh out the chord progression harmony.

And the best part is, these challenges are completely customizable! They're suitable for students of all levels!

  • A brand new beginner can simply ignore the chords and practice reading and playing the rhythm using a simple pentascale.
  • An intermediate student can practice inverting chords and incorporating different left-hand patterns.
  • An advanced student can take it a step further and add start adding harmonic intervals to the melody.

For a sneak peek inside the book, and a demo of 10 different levels of sample improvisations all created based on just one of the challenges in the book, check out this video.

These books are perfect for infusing creativity into your lessons and getting your students feeling inspired! 

Skills your students can practice with these challenges:

  • Reading and playing rhythms accurately
  • Reading root/quality chord symbols
  • Playing chords
  • Left-hand patterns
  • Hand independence
  • Reading lead sheets
  • Composing
  • Improvising

Each book in the series focuses on a single key signature. This book is the G Major Improvisation Rhythm Challenge. 

Concepts covered in this book:

  • Scale: G major
  • Chords: G, C, D, Em
  • Note Values: quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes

You can also find more of my products on my website RebeccasPianoKeys.com.

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