Get To Know Me Challenges | Basic Rhythm & Piano Notes

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Welcome your students back to lessons with this fun and quick 'Get To Know Me' activity. 

There are two versions included in the download:

- Rhythm Challenge using crotchets (quarter notes) and minims (half notes) 

This version is great for existing beginner students who have a basic knowledge of rhythms.

- Piano Note Challenge using white notes on the piano

This version is great for new beginners who are just learning piano notes

Your student has four 'would you rather' questions to answer, but they can't speak the answer - they have to communicate the answer in a musical way, either by clapping a specific rhythm (if using the Rhythm Challenge sheet), or by playing a specific note on the piano (if using the Piano Notes Challenge sheet). 

This activity gets your students practicing their rhythm skills and enhancing their knowledge of the white piano notes, while you learn a bit more about them as people! 

BONUS: Teacher Challenge

Also included is a Teacher Challenge where you have four questions to answer, so your students can learn a bit more about you! But of course, you can't just answer them with words - you have to clap the rhythms or play the notes for your students work out your answers!

This gets your students working on their listening skills, at the same time as learning about their teacher as a person. 

Alternatively, your students can answer the questions on your behalf and see if they guess your answers correctly! 

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