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"oh, you play guitar? that's cool, can you play me something?"


Too often guitarists have been taking lessons for months or even years, and when answering this question, embarrassingly can't put together or play an entire song from start to finish.

Getting Into Guitar was written with the intention of giving guitar players all the skills and concepts they need to start playing guitar with confidence so that when asked "can you play me something?" they can confidently play for the people around them, even as early as the first lesson. 

Getting Into Guitar is contains everything you need to know to start learning (or teaching) guitar the right way.

This book was written in response to the hundreds of beginner guitar method books that tell you what to practice but not how, present boring or dated content and only focus on single note picking and sight reading leading to big gaps in the student's skill and knowledge.

This method book explores the key areas of guitar playing including fundamental skills (single note picking, strumming, picking patterns) as well as foundational concepts (chords & progressions, riffs and rhythm guitar, fretboard knowledge and levelling) so that students establish a strong foundation in all areas of their guitar playing from the very first lesson.

Content is broken down into an easy step by step method that not only tells you what to practice but how to practice it to ensure rapid results both in lesson with your teacher or at home on your own.

The content is drawn from the 7 Key Areas of Guitar Playing: (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Fretboard Knowledge, Music Theory, Musicianship Skills, Repertoire & Creativity) to ensure students grow geometrically in all of their areas and don't develop and imbalance in their knowledge or skills.

Students can start playing right away and discover how fun and easy learning guitar can be when it's taught the right way.



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