Grand Staff Characters File Folder

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Test your student's ability to find the notes on the grand staff with characters!


1 Glue the Treble Clef staff to the inside of your file folder (you may want to trim a little bit around the edge to make it fit nicely.

2. Glue the Bass Clef Staff to the inside of your file folder so that it is positioned properly under the treble clef when your folder is rotated (again, trim the edge a little bit so it fits.)

3. Label the folder

4. Laminate the entire folder.

5. Cut out all of the little character pieces and laminate them.

6. Place both sides of a 5/8 inch self-adhesive velcro dot on the back of each character piece and then press them into place where they belong on the staff. Make sure you space them so there is room for 8 characters across. The shape of Characters should look like this: > Low C and High C cats should be furthest left and then work your way up and down (respectively) a contrary scale til they meet at the C in the staff on the right-hand side.

(here's an example of velcro dots that would work:


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