Halloween Music

Halloween Music

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Are you looking for music your early beginners can play? These are 6 halloween pieces that I composed for my students years ago. My students have enjoyed them over the years, I hope yours do too! 


All the pieces are in A minor, middle C position.


"One of my little ones is loving "Halloween is Almost Here" and "Rolling Pumpkin"! She put them together as an ABA form solo and is auditioning for a talent show at school tomorrow. I told her I knew you from online, and I seriously thought she was going to pass out with excitement :) Thanks for writing some fun fall music for the little ones!" Dr. Melody Payne, NCTM

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If you have any questions or problems at all with the resource, please contact me directly first, before leaving a review. You can contact me in the Q & A or through email (in the TOU file).


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