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Harry’s Summer Music Camp is a week long 10 hour camp that celebrates music. A key component is the delightful theme of the Harry Potter series. This camp injects an element of fun, magic and mystery into the world of music study. Students come to camp anticipating the unexpected.

Students are placed into “houses” by ages and ability at the beginning of camp. Each house “travels” together throughout the day to various locations to delve into numerous musical styles, skills and games. The creative activities focus on the development of technique fundamental to the success of assigned camp pieces.  Camp pieces are chosen by the camp teacher. It is possible to offer the camp as a music exposure type of camp versus focusing on mastery and performance of pieces.

Through “house” adventures, Harry’s Summer Music Campers strengthen rhythmic skills, listening skills, rudiments of theory and music history. Games played at camp reinforce not only musical knowledge and skill but promote a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Of course, no summer camp should be without magic. It’s what makes Harry’s Summer Music Camp a success. 

Curriculum includes:

  • any graphics for games/activities
  • detailed daily schedule and instructions
  • list of supplies including best place to purchase
  • instructions on how to make your own decorations and props
  • template for registration
  • template for Owl Postcards
  • template for Owl Adoption Certificate
  • letterhead for invitations
  • instructions for owl games and activities
  • publicity and marketing suggestions
 This camp targets students ages 6-14 (beginner through advanced). All plans can be modified to accommodate various ages and abilities.

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