Heartbeat Rhythms - a hands-on activity to help students understand musical pulse and rhythms

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Looking for a hands-on approach to help your students understand concepts of rhythm, pulse, simple and compound time, and more? Students will have a blast listening to you play or clap various rhythm patterns and then arranging their note value hearts accordingly. The note value hearts are designed to create a visual representation of how many beats longer note values are sustained. For example, in simple time, the half notes are cut to include two hearts, representing two beats. In compound time, dotted quarter notes are cut to include three hearts to represent three beats.

The note value hearts are sized to fit perfectly on the pulse worksheets, setting students up for success by equipping them to grasp rhythmic concepts both visually and aurally! This 25-page reproducible music theory package is excellent for use with individual students or in a group class setting. The downloadable package includes instructions, pulse sheets for 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time signatures, plus 17 pages of note value hearts in both simple and compound time.

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