Identifying Line and Space Notes Bundle (No Note Names) | Monkey Themed

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Do you have students who need to practice identifying whether notes are in a space or on the line? Then this bundle is for you! 


We know as teachers that repetition is key for students to understand musical concepts, but sometimes for students this can feel boring and monotonous. This bundle is perfect for the repetition of identifying line notes and space notes in a fun and enjoyable way that students will love! 


This bundle was created for a student of mine who needed extra practice in seeing whether notes are line notes or space notes - he loves monkeys, hence the monkey theme!


- Three games that focus purely on stating whether notes are space notes or line notes 

- Three worksheets about space notes and  line notes 



- 3 Worksheets:
Drawing line notes and space notes
Colouring in using a line note and space note colouring key

Matching activity, sorting line notes and space notes 


- 'Line Note and Space Note Bananas'

This activity sees students giving monkeys their lunch depending on if they want a line note banana or a space note banana 


- 'Line Note and Space Note Jungle Bingo'

This bingo game sees players covering up line or space notes on their board depending on the type of note on the calling cards. First one to cover up all their notes with their monkey tokens is the winner!


- 'Line Note and Space Note Jungle Race' 

This racing game sees players reading cards that instruct them to move to a line note or a space note. First one to the monkey party is the winner! 


- Line note and space note information card 

This can be printed for students to use as reference while playing the games 

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