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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to teach rhythms? Do your students need to practice feeling a steady beat before having to play with one? Are you tired of just clapping rhythms Then you’ve got to try Infusing Beats!

Infusing Beats offers students a creative and engaging activity to practice rhythms without having to worry about pitches, fingerings, technique, and dynamics using body percussion, vocal percussion, and drumming.

Infusing Beats presents note values in a progressive manner, including quarter, half, dotted half, whole, and finally eighth notes, as well as quarter and half rests.

And there are some twists to make it even more fun! Students will pat, clap, and “Hi 5” their way to building a strong sense of pulse and mastery of rhythmic patterns that they will see over and over in their music.

There are also bonus “Challenge” rhythm pages and “Create Your Own!” pages included.

Engage the whole body with Infusing Beats. Your students will love it!

This book is written for ages 5 and up and is appropriate for any level.


Printable PDF — Studio License Use (unlimited downloads)

Artwork by Brooke McDonald

Design by IdeaTree Design & Marketing LLC

32 pages

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