‘Interval Detective’ - Board Game Extension Kit!

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Intervals are the basic building blocks of melody and harmony – recognising intervals visually, both on the staff and on the keyboard, is an important skill for students to master.  Fluency in reading and understanding intervals helps budding musicians improve their sight reading, and boost their understanding of music theory.

Help your students MASTER intervals on keyboard with this fun Detective BOARD GAME extension kit!

This extension kit turns our Interval Detective Card Game Set into a great resource for a music GROUP CLASS or PIANO PARTY! Find out more and get the Card Game Set HERE

With this Interval Detective Board Game EXTENSION Kit you get:

  • The full size Game Board – make the game board large, medium, or small – set the size you want in your printer properties
  • Player Tokens and ‘Detective Kit’ Cards – ready to print and play
  • Rules & set-up instructions for the Board Game – using the Board Game makes it very flexible to use in different learning environments.

To make this a board game extension kit a complete board game be sure to get the Card Game Set HERE 

Studio Licenced - You can use this with all the students that you teach directly. (Music schools with multiple teachers using this game will need to buy a copy for each teacher)

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