‘Interval Detective’ – Card Game

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Help your students MASTER intervals on keyboard with this FUN Detective Card Game!

Intervals are the basic building blocks of melody and harmony – recognising intervals visually, both on the staff and on the keyboard, is an important skill for students to master. 

Fluency in reading and understanding intervals helps budding musicians improve their sight reading, and boost their understanding of music theory.

This card game gives you a fun way to get students understanding, measuring and writing intervals – Incorporating both kinaesthetic and visual learning. 

There are THREE levels INCLUDED here – focusing on interval measuring skills for Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate students - ideal for one-on-one music lessons - Use them as a lesson starter, or as a change of activity half way through! 

In this set you will get:

  • Three sets of playing cards - Beginner - Elementary - Intermediate - with 48 ‘Interval Clue Cards’ in each set.
  • Each of these cards has 5 interval clues to find a ‘missing note’ giving plenty of fresh challenges and revision – over 700 interval questions
  • Intervals included are both ascending and descending, reinforcing the concept of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ notes, and contour in music
  • The artwork is colourful and engaging – making it feel like a ‘real’ game
  • A ‘white board’ ready to print, laminate and use with each set – using this will help students to connect the keyboard geography of intervals on the keyboard to music notation reading and writing
  • A Personal Best ‘High Score’ Board – give every student their own copy, or display them around the room – make it competitive or non-competitive as you prefer.
  • A colourful ‘official’ certificate of achievement for each level, that you can award to students who master 30+ cards – Build confidence and motivation
  • Print and Play – All printing instructions and game rules are included!

Great for both Keyboard Skills AND Music Theory – the concept of intervals is very important across all music syllabi for grades 1 to 4

To use this triple set interval card game in a GROUP CLASS, add in our BOARD GAME extension kit - You can find it HERE

Studio Licenced - You can use this with all the students that you teach directly. (Music schools with multiple teachers using this game will need to buy a copy for each teacher)

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