Introduction To Drums

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LEVEL Beginner
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Introduction To Drums provides the first 20 lessons for any drum student in an easy to follow lesson plan that takes them through rhythm and clapping, isolated single drum movements, fundamental drum beats and a collection of fills to help students tie everything together. It also includes a checklist on each page so students can measure their progress and teachers can encourage practice. An expert from the introduction page:


So you want to play drums? And who can blame you!

Whether it be playing in your bedroom along to your favorite songs or on stage in front of all your friends drumming incredible solos, the drums are for you.

Through the course of this book you will be provided with everything a drummer needs to kick-start their learning.

By the end of Level One you will have learnt:

  • To play a range of hand and foot exercises with quarter notes

  • To read basic quarter note rhythms with rests

  • To Play 20 different beats made up of quarter notes and eighth notes

  • To play 20 different drum fills along with the beats you’ve learnt We hope you have fun learning to play the drums using this book!

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