‘Jingle Bells’ – Chords, Improv Activity & Lead Sheet

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LEVEL Early Intermediate
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Enjoy the fun of holiday piano music in the lead up to Christmas, while teaching students the valuable skill of how to create a chord-based left hand accompaniment! 

Students will enjoy learning how chords are formed and rearranged to fit under the hand.  They will learn how to arrange chords into an accompaniment pattern, and how to read a lead-sheet. 

Improvising and writing a musical accompaniment is a cool way to help students understand and master basic chords. This late elementary to intermediate improvisation activity is pedagogically sound, with lots of musical fun!

Students will love:

  • Playing around with chords and left hand patterns
  • Learning primary triads in C major
  • Learning how to ‘read’ a lead sheet
  • Thinking creatively to make-up an accompaniment to a favorite Christmas song
  • Learning more about 4/4 time and it’s basic pulse or ‘feel’
  • Composing and writing a left hand accompaniment
  • Suitable for students in the first two or three years of learning music

Flexible Use
– Use it to teach chords and improvisation, use the worksheets to teach students basic left hand arranging, and use the lead sheet to help them bring their ideas to completion.

Studio License included – print it for any students you teach directly!

Looking for a jazzy Christmas piece?  Check out our print & play 'Jingle Bells Boogie' sheet music HERE

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