Jingle Bells - Pre-staff Finger Numbers on Black + White Keys (Studio License)

Jingle Bells - Pre-staff Finger Numbers on Black + White Keys (Studio License)

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LEVEL Preschool
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

"Jingle Bells" - Pre-staff Finger Number arrangement, arranged for black keys and white keys - for the youngest preschool beginners who know finger numbers and can find correct hand position using the illustration.

This arrangement is great for preschool kids who are can read some basic songs on the black keys, but aren't ready to make the big jump to reading with all alpha notes. "Jingle Bells" introduces the B key, but keeps the rest of the finger on the black keys. The hand changes are noted by color as well as a graphic of the right or left hand-- vital for those pre-school kids that still have trouble telling right from left.

2 page, landscape. Easy for pre-readers and beginners.

Preschool. Finger numbers. Pre-staff / prestaff, pre-reader / prereader, pre-reading / prereading. Beginner.
See my other arrangements: Sheet Music Press (copyrighted music available) https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/publishers/elizabeth-essex-sheet-music/3018847
Sheet Music Direct (copyrighted music available)
Top Music Marketplace (piano studio licenses available)
Teachers Pay Teachers (classroom licenses available)
To commission an arrangement or set up Zoom piano or art lessons, contact Elizabeth: https://elizabethmusicnarts.wordpress.com

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