Jingle Pop | Pop With Music Holidays | Sheet Music | Unlimited Studio License

Jingle Pop | Pop With Music Holidays | Sheet Music | Unlimited Studio License

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Who can hear the ringing and popping in this new Pop with Music piece, Jingle Pop? You may easily guess the inspiration for this piece from the title, but the melody will take you in a different direction. This piece will be a fun favorite for the elementary level.

Whether it's a Pop It toy, Bubble Wrap or Balloons! Your students are going to have a poppin' good time with these pieces!


Unlimited Studio License- This is a single teacher license. Use this resource for all your students. If you have other teachers in your studio, you can purchase additional licenses at a lower cost.


Keep in mind, the "Pop with Music" pieces are a little more challenging than they look because of the added element of the pop! But that is what makes these pieces all the more fun!


When to pop? You will see the words “Pop” above or below the clef. The rhythm of the pops will be shown as rhythm “slashes”.


What to Pop? Anything that pops! Pop it toys, bubble wrap, balloons, etc.

Tip! When using a Pop It toy, make sure you are popping on the side that has more of a ”staccato” Pop feel. Versus a “legato” Pop feel.


Where to place the Pop Item? Play around with the best place to put the item you will be popping. Ie: Try on the music rack versus on the bench. (on the keys does not work well). Each student should play around and see what works best for them.



These pieces are very adaptable. Some ways you can adapt are:

  • Rote- If you are giving a piece to a beginner, you can teach the main melody and popping by rote.
  • Create a duet- If piece is two hands and playing with both hands is too much, teacher can play the left hand and student can play the melody and pops!
  • Partner Pop- If popping is too much, the teacher or someone else can pop!


Have a Poppin’ good time!


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