Let's Have a Ball! Practice Incentive Theme

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A musical ball, that is! This exciting practice incentive is especially designed to promote camaraderie and help students become “well-rounded” musicians. Different aspects of the theme will have them developing brains, brawn, and beauty. Throughout the year students can earn rubber bouncy balls for completing various assignments and practicing consistently. Balls can then be traded in for entry slips into a drawing that is held at each of the themed musical balls throughout the year. You will be amazed at how much your students will learn to enjoy performing using this approach!


"I have used Go For the Gold and Let’s Have a Ball in the past and loved them!!" ~J.P.

"We used Let’s Have A Ball! last year.  I love your ideas.  Thanks!" ~B.N.

"I am wrapping up Let’s Have a Ball! tomorrow with my final group lesson. What a fun year it has been. Thanks for your hard work and inspiration." ~B.O.

"I just wanted to let you know that my students are “having a ball” with the balls. They love the visual representation of their accomplishments.” ~M.R.

"Your Let’s Have a Ball! practice incentive program has made my life easier this year!” ~J.E.

"I’ve used Let’s Have A Ball! before, and the whole studio enjoyed it!” ~Laura L.

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