‘Scales Lucky Dip Game' - Polish up your scales!

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Do your students find piano scales BORING and stressful?  Well now you can change all that!  This game gives you a quick and easy way to randomise scales, tweak scales practice 'tricks', and help students become fluent and confident with scales.

'Scales Lucky Dip' Game Features:

  • 48 major and minor scales ‘tickets’ – including all three types of minor scales: harmonic, melodic, and natural minor.
  • Has a multitude of scale ‘direction’ tickets – bringing lots of variety to practice time – a great way to polish up scales before an exam.
  • Editable template also included – Use this to customise the ‘direction’ tickets to add more fun & variety to the game… Or to match your preferred exam syllabus, for those students doing exams.
  • Easy to set up – Includes all printing and playing instructions – and a score card so students can see their improvements over time.
  • Use the game in ONE-ON-ONE lessons, and then send it home with students to use in practice time at home.
  • Also GREAT to use in a GROUP CLASS – let each student focus on their own set of scales while competing with others in the group, to achieve a high score...and confident, polished scales!
  • Customise the game to match each students current level – useful from elementary to advanced - Useful for arpeggios too!
  • Not limited to just piano, this game can easily be used for any instrument!
  • And what a cool way to help exam students prepare for random scales testing!
The ultimate SCALES POLISHING game!

Elementary – Intermediate – Advanced

Available Immediately:

The Lucky Dip Game is easy to download and print.  Print it yourself – all the printing instructions are included.  These PDF files are set up to print on both sides of the page, giving each scale ticket a ‘decorative’ back.  All playing instructions are included, to keep it user-friendly!

For great value, we’ve included a Studio License – You may print this game for all the students you teach directly and personally, for life.  Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material.

Looking for a game to take care of basic SCALES LEARNING & drill?

Look no further - Check out our comprehensive & absorbing ‘Scales Shakedown’ Game!

Don’t delay – get your students scales on track today!


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