Magic Potions | Time Signature and Note Values Halloween Game

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Looking for a cute Halloween game to test your students' knowledge of time signatures and note values? 

Magic Potions is the game for you! 

Included in the digital download:
- Six Time Signature cauldons 
- 30 Note and Rest potion bottles 

The aim of the game is to win the highest number of cauldrons. A cauldron is won by the person who completed it. To complete a cauldron, the amount of potion bottle beats must match the time signature on the cauldron, so a 4/4 cauldron needs 4 beats. So if a 4/4 cauldron has a dotted minim (dotted half note) in it, the person who places a one beat note will win the cauldron. 

Players take it in turns to add potion bottle beats to the cauldrons, scheming and planning as they go.

My students LOVE this game as they love forward thinking and trying to make sure I won't be able to finish any cauldrons so they win! 

* This game sounds more complicated than it is! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message! 

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