Minor Scales Worksheet Visual - Harmonic & Melodic

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Make those tricky Harmonic and Melodic minor scales easy for students to remember - make them highly visual and add colour!


This set contains 4 page of worksheets that are easy to print and hand out to students - a great tool for introducing piano & theory students to this concept, or for reinforcing memory in those who forget.  This is a great tool for distance learning too.  Minimal teacher prep required.


The first 2 pages are designed especially for teaching Piano Scales, at the keyboard. One of the most important things for piano students to remember where they use their thumbs - so this sheet helps them take note of that!  The 3rd sheet is intended specifically for theory students, where there is no need to teach finger numbers.  The fourth sheet in this set is for writing these scales on the staff.  

Need teaching resources for other scale patterns?  Check here for our full BUNDLE of Scales Detective Pictorial Worksheets.  Includes Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor.


If you like a creative approach to teaching music, you may also like our interactive tutorial 'Key Signatures Made Easy' .  Great for distance learning too!

Do your students need help to drill & polish their technical work?  You might like to check out our book of fun & effective practice strategies... 'My Bag of Tricks'


Useful for distance learning via Skype or Zoom type lessons - helps students to learn scale patterns quickly.


Studio Licence - Buy once and print for all your own students that you teach personally. (Music schools will need to buy one per teacher.) Teachers may also email this sheet to their own students who are learning with them online during the Covid19 pandemic.


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