Monkey Teasing Crocodile

Monkey Teasing Crocodile

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LEVEL Beginner
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Monkey Teasing Crocodile Interactive Game

Object of the game: Monkey Throws the Balloon at the Crocodile that matches the letter on Monkeys Balloon

1)      Click the mouse 3 times to make the three crocodiles appear

2)      Click the mouse to make the balloon appear in the monkey’s hand.

3)      Student answers which color crocodile has the musical note on his back that matches the letter on the Monkey’s balloon by saying it.

4)      Click the mouse again to make the monkey throw the balloon at the correct crocodile to reveal if the student got the answer correct.

5)      Repeat steps 2-4 two more times until all three balloons have been thrown at the crocodiles.

6)      Click the mouse again to get the 4th balloon in the monkey’s hand and ask “who will the monkey throw the balloon at?”

7)      Click the mouse for a surprise.

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