Monthly Practice Challenges (PDF Studio License)

Monthly Practice Challenges (PDF Studio License)

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Are you up for a challenge?! The Cascade Method Monthly Practice Challenges Book is a fun and encouraging way to motivate young musicians to practice as many days as they can in a given month by coloring! The coloring book is laid out month to month. Each month starts a new challenge with a new coloring sheet! The coloring pages are designed with cute themes that relate to the current month. For example, your kiddo will be coloring a big Pumpkin in October and a beautiful Butterfly in May! Each day that your child practices within a specific month, they get to color in another bubble of that picture! If your child doesn’t color in all the bubbles by the end of the month, that’s okay! Once it’s the first of a new month, a new challenge begins and your child has a fresh opportunity to complete more practice days than the month before! The amount of color bubbles in each picture matches the number of days in each month – encouraging kids to practice every single day! By the end of the month, they can reflect on how many practice days they achieved and start the next challenge! Once your kids complete this coloring sheet, be sure to check out the Cascade Method 100 Days to Practice Workbook! Each coloring sheet requires 100 days of practice to color in the entire picture. Ready? Set… Practice!

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