Music Theory Interval Practice Game – Interval Sprinterval Shminterval

Music Theory Interval Practice Game – Interval Sprinterval Shminterval

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This is a super game that can be played at two levels. If students are just getting to grips with intervals you can allow them to count it out – however your more advanced students must leap forward to the right spot.

It’s a hoot and a half when they fall all the way back down to the start line!


Easier version:

- Place a game counter for each player in a row on the lowest ledger line.

- Players take turns to draw a card from the pile and move up that interval.

- Turn over the discard pile if you run out of cards.

- The first player to reach the top ledger line (exactly) is the winner.

Challenge version:

- As above, with the extra rule that players must not touch the board with their finger or game counter to find the place they move to. They must instead leap and land on the correct spot.

- If a player lands in the wrong spot they will be sent back to the start line.

*There might be some confusion when it comes to middle C and moving from treble to bass clefs. This is a good opportunity to explain to students how middle C is shared between the treble and bass clefs.


- Print out the game board (pages 3-4). Cut along the dotted lines and tape together.

- Print out the game cards (page 5-6).

- Print the decorative back (page 7) on the back of the game cards if desired.

- Cut the game cards along the dotted lines and laminate if desired.

- You will also need a game counter (eraser, button, small toy) for each player.


Interval Sprinterval Shminterval is a fantastic game for practicing interval recognition. Use the challenge version and students have to count in their heads as they learn to recognise the interval patterns.

Theory Concepts Covered: Intervals of a 2nd up to an 8ve

Student Level: Early intermediate/grade 2

Activity type: Board game

Number of players: 2-4 players

Seasonal: Not season specific


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