Piano Program Music Theory Studio License Bundle

Piano Program Music Theory Studio License Bundle

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Imagine not having to worry about your students' music theory progress.  Imagine consistent and gradual music theory knowledge without any additional lesson planning or work on your end!  

The studio license gives you access to use ALL eleven levels of the piano program music theory courses in your single teacher studio.  This is an online course that has 15-20 units in each level.  Under each unit, your students watch a video explaining the music theory concept, and then they work on interactive exercises and can complete workbook pages.  Every course includes a vibrant 30-45 page workbook in PDF form.  

The eleven courses cover eleven years of music theory knowledge.   All of your students can use the courses during your lesson or lab time or at home.  The access not only includes all of the video lessons and interactive exercises, but also unlimited prints of the PDF workbooks. You will receive one teacher login, and your entire studio can login and access the courses with your login.   This package is for use for three months.  If you need to renew your license, you can do so with a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Included in the bundle is a community message board for teachers only - swap ideas, learn, and grow together.  What are you waiting for?  Start your students on a solid progression of music theory knowledge today!

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