Musical Intervals INFO Posters

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Do your students need to improve their interval recognition? 

Conquering Interval Recognition helps students:

  • Become familiar and comfortable with the language of music
  • Improve their sight reading skills and fluency
  • Fine-tune theory expertise, and learn the basic building blocks of chords.

For a quick ready-reminder about naming intervals, use this set of bright & eye-catching 'Interval Info' Posters.  A great visual prompt! 

TWO posters are included - one teaching how to name intervals by number, and the second one teaching how to name intervals by quality.

THREE sizes are included for each poster - A3 - A4 - A5.

– The larger ones are great for room display
– The smaller size is perfect as a student handout

This Poster Set is also part of a BUNDLE:

  • Need a full set of interval based teaching resources? Check out our Go FISH! Interval Games & Posters BUNDLE - Saving 10% 
  • This Bundle Option includes: ALL three card game sets; BOTH 'Interval Info' Posters; AND a BIG Studio LeaderBoard
  • All items include a Studio Licence – use it with all the students that you teach directly

Print it yourself, or take it to a stationery shop.  We have designed all the files it in a ready-to-print format – Printing instructions and Game playing Rules are all included.

Looking for more sight reading resources?  Check out our digital Pitch Reading Flash Cards and our digital Rhythm Reading Flash Cards   Great to use via screen share for online lessons, or for in-person lessons use them on your smart phone, iPad or computer.

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