MusiciansPeak Dice Game

MusiciansPeak Dice Game

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Have you heard of “legal-ese” or “doctor speak”?  It’s that way legal and medical professionals have of speaking with terminology that only they and their colleagues understand.  

Musicians have a similar way of speaking.  Have you ever noticed non-musician friends or family members' eyes glaze over when you talk about chords or scales or if the music you’re listening to is in a major or minor key?  Do they think you’re talking about sports when you mention tempo?  When you say dynamics do they think you’re talking about explosives?  

Even more troubling, do your STUDENTS react the same way when you use common “musician speak”? 

The MusiciansPeak Dice Game is part of the MusiciansPeak Challenge Kit.  MusiciansPeak is a fun challenge designed to help your students learn important vocabulary, terms and symbols so they can communicate in “musician-speak” with you and any other musician they encounter.

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