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Looking for a comprehensive program to teach wholistic music learning and inspire a love of music?  Do your students need a little extra motivation and encouragement along the way?  Then you will love this innovative and exciting music curriculum bundle! 

With NINE key music learning areas, and a BIG BUNDLE of rewards, inspiration and MOTIVATION built in, students can readily engage, learn and grow.

Created with the studio music teacher in mind, this curriculum package takes care of the nitty-gritty of planning, with student learning tasks and goals already laid out. A full set of teaching notes and ideas is provided, saving your time and sanity. 

Structured around nine important aspects of music learning – Creating & Composing, Playing & Performing, Sight Reading, Collaboration, Memorization, Aural skills, Music Appreciation & Listening, Music Theory, and Music History – it provides students with a wide-ranging and enriching educational experience. Flexible to use and easy to combine with students’ other music goals, it is also great for both one-on-one and small group tuition.

With it’s own ‘magical land’ it creates a learning adventure with 60 different, multi-level learning tasks – complete with intrinsic motivation and encouragement built-in.  The program includes an ‘adventure map’, colourful posters of each ‘destination’, a students ‘adventure scroll’ and learning passport, achievement certificates, reward ‘dollars’, and of course, a full set of teaching notes, plans, suggestions and ideas.

The Curriculum Pack includes:
  • A full set of 60 different, multi-level learning tasks including playing & performing, memorisation, aural skills, improv & composition, sight reading, theory, history, and music appreciation
  • Teaching plan with a bundle of teaching strategies, ideas, and recommendations.
  • A colourful ‘scroll’ document, giving students the details of all the learning challenges
  • ‘Passport’ containing the visas for each ‘destination’ and the musical learning tasks to do there
  • Nine vibrant and colourful posters, capturing the imagination and bringing the ‘magical’ land of Muzikaalia to life.  Each poster picture is printable in FOUR sizes, from postcard size to use as a student handout, right through to wall display size to decorate your studio
  • Ten achievement certificates – One for each learning ‘destination’, and a final certificate to award to all who finish the adventure
  • ‘Muzikaalia Dollars’ set – with a unique currency for each ‘destination’, and a printable, foldable ‘wallet’ envelope for students to store all their hard-earned ‘dollars’ in!
  • A map of the fantastical land of ‘MuZikaalia’ showing all the learning ‘destinations’ and contributing to an immersive Muzikaalia learning experience.  The map files are included in FIVE sizes, from postcard sized, as a student handout, right up to A2 for room display.
  • Built-in Flexibility: Suits both individual and group tuition learning environments
  • Multi-level approach - Catering for a wide range of levels from elementary to intermediate and beyond, enabling students to each work at their own level.
  • GREAT to use as a stand-alone curriculum, and easy to blend with your favourite method book, exam syllabus or other music goals.

Take a look through the pictures to see more of the ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Curriculum Pack!

For our matching RESOURCE Pack - a BIG bundle of 20 fantastic teaching resources, 
custom designed to work with this Muzikaalia Curriculum, click the link below:

'MuZikaalia Quest' RESOURCES Bundle

For our MuZikaalia MEGA bundle, which includes BOTH the curriculum and the resources, AND a discount of 35%, check out the link below:

'MuZikaalia Quest' complete MEGA Pack - save 35%


This 'Muzikaalia Quest' Curriculum Pack offers a BIG bundle of planning and motivational material to direct and structure the learning activities in the 'MuZikaalia Quest' Resources Pack.  The 'MuZikaalia' Curriculum & Resources MEGA Bundle allows you to deliver quality, wholistic music learning, while saving you hundreds of hours of prep and planning.  Relax and enjoy your family and leisure time! 

For great value, this product includes a Single Teacher Studio License – You may print these activities, games, music, cards and posters for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime! (Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course.)

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