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Do you love to teach music holistically?  Do you want to inspire a love of music in your students?  (And do they sometimes need a little extra motivation & encouragement along the way, to keep them learning and exploring music?)  Then you will LOVE this innovative, exciting and flexible studio music curriculum and resource bundle!  

With NINE key music learning areas, and a whole bundle of rewards, inspiration and MOTIVATION built in so students can readily engage, learn and grow.  All the prep & planning is done, so you can relax & enjoy teaching.  This MEGA pack gives you the COMPLETE set of both Curriculum & Resources... 27 resources in all. SAVE time & $$ with this big bundle!

Great for Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate levels
- Ideal for both group classes AND one-on-one tuition - 

This teaching kit includes:

1 – The 'MuZikaalia Quest'
Curriculum Pack:

Created with the studio music teacher in mind, this curriculum package takes care of the nitty-gritty of planning, with relevant multi-level learning tasks and goals already laid out. A full set of teaching plans, notes and ideas is provided, saving your time and sanity.

Structured around NINE important aspects of music learning – Creating & Composing, Playing & Performing, Sight Reading, Collaboration, Memorization, Aural skills, Music Appreciation & Listening, Music Theory, and Music History – it provides students with a wide-ranging and enriching educational experience. Flexible to use and easy to combine with students’ other music goals, it is also great for both one-on-one and small group tuition.

With it’s own ‘magical land’ it creates an intriguing learning adventure with 60 different, multi-level learning activities – complete with intrinsic motivation and encouragement built-in!  Great for both one-on-one and group lessons, the program includes an ‘adventure map’, colourful posters of each ‘destination’, a students ‘adventure scroll’ and learning passport, achievement certificates, reward ‘dollars’, and of course, a full set of teaching notes, plans, suggestions and ideas.

This Curriculum Pack includes:
  • The WHOLE teaching PROGRAM itself, with a bundle of teaching strategies, ideas and recommendations. Use it as a stand-alone curriculum, or blend it with your favourite method book, exam syllabus or music festival goals.
  • A colourful ‘scroll’ document, giving students the details of all the learning challenges - they will be looking forward to each new step, and choosing their next project even before you can!
  • A fully detailed ‘Passport’ containing the 'visas' for each ‘destination’ and the musical learning activities to achieve there. What a fun way to tackle learning challenges!
  • NINE vibrant and colourful posters, capturing the imagination and bringing the ‘magical’ land of Muzikaalia to life.  Each poster picture comes in FOUR sizes, from postcard size to use as a student handout, right through to wall display size to decorate your studio
  • TEN achievement certificates – One for each learning ‘destination’, and a final certificate to award to all who finish the adventure!
  • A FULL set of ‘MuZikaalia Money’ with a unique currency for each of the nine ‘destinations’, and a printable, foldable ‘wallet’ envelope for students to store all their hard-earned ‘dollars’ in!
  • A colourful MAP of the fantastical land of ‘MuZikaalia’, showing all the learning ‘destinations’ and contributing to an immersive Muzikaalia learning experience.  The map files are included in FIVE sizes, from postcard sized, as a student handout, right up to A2 for room display.

2 – The 'MuZikaalia Quest' Resources Pack:

The Muzikaalia Resources Pack offers a bundle of 20 quality resources to support and enhance the integral learning objectives of the program.  Custom designed with both sequential musical development and student engagement in mind, these resources allow you to teach the many aspects of music education with exploration, discovery, fun and games.

Inspire your students to master new music skills through curiosity, variety, collaboration and a sense of personal achievement.  Assist them in establishing a broad range of musical competencies. The Resources Pack provides an eclectic learning path suitable for students who learn for pleasure as well as those who use method books, and those who pursue exams.

These innovative and appealing resources will become perennial favourites useful time and again, extending their value even beyond the MuZikaalia curriculum itself!

The Resources Pack includes:
  • A comprehensive 'Student Activities Workbook' – In two versions, for younger and older students
  • TWO different lapbook-style project kits – With 12+ activity pages each
  • The ‘Rhythm Infinity’ book for clever and creative rhythm training, including simple and compound time
  • TWO different multi-level COMPOSING activity kits – Catering for easy, elementary and intermediate levels
  • FOUR versions of the ‘Happy Birthday’ sheet music arranged for different levels of learning – Birthday fun for EASY to late INTERMEDIATE levels
  • The complete 'Seaworthy Sight Reading "Note Search"’ card games to strengthen note naming and recognition – including four sequential learning levels, and a total of 130 different cards, covering treble and bass staff notes, leger lines, accidentals and enharmonic notes
  • The complete 'Seaworthy Sight Reading "Slap" cards' set using intervallic reading to advance sight reading fluency, speed and confidence – Six sequential levels of learning, with a total of 144 different cards, covering 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths and octaves.  A great way to master intervallic sight reading!
  • FOUR striking posters teaching all the important tips and tricks for solid sight reading skills – And each poster is included in four sizes, from postcard to wall display size
  • EIGHT sets of our ‘Digital Flashcards’ for Rhythm reading, in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 5/4 time
  • FOUR sets of ‘Quiz Buster’ fun Music Theory cards – 166 cards in four sets covering signs, symbols, terms, notation, time signatures & key signatures
  • The entire ‘Quiz Buster’ theory game – print & play template and instructions
  • Lots of additional handouts, work sheets and activities for body percussion, aural skills, music theory, performance review cards, and blank poster-making pages.  A fun way to help students learn and retain important material!
  • Printing and playing instructions for all resources are included!
Want to see what it's like? Take a look through all the pictures!

This MEGA Bundle includes both the Curriculum Pack AND the matching Resource Pack, all as listed above – ALL 27 resources - AND currently with a 35% discount!

These materials are also offered separately
as a Curriculum Pack, and a Resources Pack

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