‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ AND ‘My Music Journal’ – TRIPLE Pack - Studio Licenced, with BONUS Game!

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The 'ultimate practice kit' Triple Discount BUNDLE - Save 25% 

Help your students practice SMARTER not harder – This big value bundle, for all ages, includes all three in our set of Practice Books. 

Encourage your students to prepare, play and perform better, and with more confidence.  Capture your students’ imagination with this ‘practice magic’ concept, to give your students long term intelligent practice habits.

These books are suitable for a wide range of abilities from late elementary to intermediate and advanced.  With a built-in problem solving attitude, and encouraging goal setting and progress tracking, they equip students to tackle any repertoire – not just method books – although just as useful there too.

Take a look through the books:


Included in this value practice bundle:

1 – My Bag of Practice Tricks – Children’s Edition:  The ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ contains 43 highly effective & efficient practice strategies, encouraging students to prepare, play and perform better, and with more focus, confidence and polish.  Suitable for a wide range of abilities from late elementary to advanced music levels.  It encourages problem solving and improves metacognitive learning.  These practice strategies will take you from starting a piece, through to deep learning and polishing it.  These practice tricks are addictive!  And there are 11 practice tricks especially devoted to learning technical work…Boredom busters!

2 – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ – Older Student’s Edition:  With the same basic information as our original children’s edition, the Older Student’s Edition is great for teenagers and adults. Text, fonts and graphics have been revised to interest the older student.

3 – The companion ‘Music Journal’ fosters a self-regulating attitude – you can make it task or time focused, as you prefer.  The eight different sections, including Goal Setting page, Practice Stats Graphs, Countdown Calendars, Weekly Progress pages, Campaign Tracker, etc, are designed to give students direction and a sense of achievement.

This is the ultimate Practice Bundle - With this set, you get all THREE books – and the Music Journal in TWO versions:

  • ‘My Own Bag of Practice Tricks’ Children’s Edition – A colourful book of 43 great practice strategies, and unlimited combinations of tricks.  It's written in an engaging conversational style, and illustrated with eye catching graphics to make each one memorable
  • ‘My Own Bag of Practice Tricks’ Older Student’s Edition – same as above, but fully revised and modified appearance to suit an older age group – teens & adults
  • ‘My Music Journal’ – 1st version – Colour – has 8 different sections – 125 pages – and covers a full year
  • ‘My Music Journal’ – 2nd version – Same content – This version has a few colour pages, but most of the pages in black & white, to make it cheaper to print
  • Great for distance learning via online lessons
  • Helps students to plan out & enjoy effective practice for the 6 days between lessons

 Each book is A5 in size, in PDF format, ready to print it yourself or take it to a print shop (can also be printed in A4 size).  Printing instructions are included for all three books.

These books work well together – ‘My Own Bag of Practice Tricks’ expands on the Campaign Tracker section in ‘My Music Journal’, and the tracker section helps the student be methodical in working through the multitude of learning strategies with each piece, as they track towards the goals they have chosen, and countdown to important events!

Find more here Music Journal and My Bag of Practice Tricks and  Older Student’s My Bag of Practice Tricks 

You may also like these FREE Music Practice To-Do Lists – they work very well alongside our 'How to' Practice Book set!

Check out this independent video review:

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