‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’: BOTH Editions - Studio Licenced

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Insightful Practice Strategies to Boost Mid-week Practice Skills - Children, Teens & Adults

Have you ever wished that your students would practice? With better quality practice?  And that they would just know how to go about that practice, without using up more valuable lesson time explaining it again? Do you also teach students of all ages and stages?  Then this book set may be for you!

Full of helpful, accessible practice strategies gleaned from years of private music study and teaching.  The colourful, fun, student-friendly layout allows students to quickly get practice help to make the best use of those six days in between their music lessons!  Teachers can implement the book’s learning strategies in lessons, to support and reinforce its use at home.

With the same basic information in each book, this Bundle gives you BOTH versions, to appeal to a wide age range:

The Children’s Edition – Bright and colourful, to encourage curiosity and exploration,

- AND -

The Older Student’s Edition – Great for teenagers and adults – text, fonts and graphics have been revised and modified to interest the older student.

This set features:

  • Both versions – one for children and one for older students
  • 43+ efficient and fun Practice Tricks – with almost infinite combinations – to make mid-week practice more effective & engaging
  • Including 11 BOREDOM BUSTING Practice Tricks specifically for technical work!
  • Each book’s layout is customised to suit the intended age range.  The design entices students to engage & achieve – Graphics support the text throughout
  • ‘Tricks’ for all stages of learning, from starting a new piece, through deep learning, polishing and performing
  • Fosters healthy meta-cognitive learning
  • Makes professional practice strategies accessible to students, in a fun way
  • Gives even non-musical parents a way of helping at home, if needed!
  • Suitable for Late Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels

Print it yourself, or take it to an stationery shop – printing cost can be passed on to your students – These two A5 books contains 36 pages in a ready-to-print format.

Great for distance learning via Skype or Zoom type lessons – helps students to problem-solve their own practice issues.  These practice tricks are good for many instruments, but especially useful for piano.

Suitable for students from late elementary right through to advanced grades – many of these tricks can be used and combined in different ways, making them very versatile.

This book correlates to the ‘Campaign Tracker’ in My Music Journal – click to take a peek at this full year practice tracker. We also offer these books as a big Discount Bundle! 

Check out the video below, showing our full 'Practice Kit' option:


Get the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ Children’s Edition here

Get the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ Older Student’s Edition here

 Get the older students' 'Bag of Tricks' & 'My Music Journal' Discount Pack here

You may also like these free Music Practice To-Do Lists – they work well alongside these books!

The video below shows you an independent teacher's review of our practice kit books:

LOYALTY OFFER:  Have you already got our original ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ book, but would like to get the new older students’ edition, to help your older students, for ONLY $5?  Simply email a copy/screenshot of your original ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ receipt to us at info@88musicalkeys.com to receive access to this Older Student’s edition download – with a BIG 66% OFF!    (Introductory offer, for previous customers, for a short time only.)

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