My Favorite Children's Songs - A Pre-staff Notation Collection & Method Book - INDIVIDUAL LICENSE

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LEVEL Preschool
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My Favorite Children's Songs is a method book and collection of songs popular with young children, best used with beginners ages 5-7, although selections can be used with any age.

Songs are arranged in middle C position using pre-staff Alpha Notation and sequenced in order of difficulty. The book introduces new kinds of notes, rests, and the names of new white keys along the way. The first two songs are on the black keys for a bit of extra practice finding finger numbers; the rest of the songs are arranged entirely on the white keys, in or near middle C position.

Students will learn about:
  • names of the white keys
  • eighth note pairs
  • quarter note
  • half note
  • dotted half note
  • whole note
  • quarter rest
  • half rest
  • repeat bar
  • tie

Table of Contents:

  1. Right Way Up (black keys)

  2. Rain, Rain, Go Away (black keys)

  3. Hot Cross Buns

  4. Mary Had a Little Lamb

  5. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

  6. Ode to Joy

  7. Cuckoo

  8. When the Saints Go Marching In

  9. Ring Around the Rosie

  10. This Old Man

  11. Rockin’

  12. Clocktower Chimes

  13. Hush, Little Baby

  14. B-I-N-G-O!

  15. Little Bunny Foo Foo

  16. Row, row, row your Boat

  17. Eensie Weensie Spider

  18. Head and Shoulders, Knees & Toes

  19. The Farmer and the Dell

  20. La Lluvia

  21. Brother John

  22. La Cucaracha

  23. Rock-a-Bye

** NOTE: For best results, print double-sided, landscape, and staple-bind down the left side like a book.**

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