My Favorite Songs on the Black Keys - Part A - 3 Black Keys - Studio License

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LEVEL Preschool
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Students of any age will recognize the melodies in My Favorite Songs on the Black Keys and will want to sing along!

Ideal for young beginners who can differentiate fingers and know their numbers, this first book in the series, Part A, contains only songs playable with one hand on one set three black keys. Each song is arranged in finger number notation for right and for left hand. The left-hand notes are colored red as well as turned stem down to assist in differentiating right and left-hand notes. When printed double-sided, the left hand page is on the left side and the right hand page is on the right side.

I recommend learning these songs in the order given, singing the songs first, then sight reading. Try memorizing each song and try playing them hands together too!

As an added bonus, some helpful worksheets are in the back of the book.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hot Cross Buns – LH

  2. Hot Cross Buns – RH

  3. Rain is Falling Down LH

  4. Rain is Falling Down – RH

  5. The Closet Key – LH

  6. The Closet Key – RH

  7. Mary had a Little Lamb – LH

  8. Mary had a Little Lamb – RH

  9. Pease Porridge – LH

  10. Pease Porridge – RH

  11. Down by the Station – LH

  12. Down by the Station – RH

  13. Gently Sleep – LH

  14. Gently Sleep – RH

  15. The Long-legged Sailor – LH

  16. The Long-legged Sailor – RH

  17. Piano Finger Numbers 1

  18. Piano Finger Numbers 2

  19. Draw Quarter Notes

  20. Draw Half Notes

  21. Song-writing Exercise: Opus 1


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